A barbecue brings Calgary’s old and new Francophones together

On the menu on this sunny Sunday: hamburgers, hot dogs and dishes with a more French flavor.

Sébastien Bibaut, the president of Calgary Accueil, affirms that 130 people had reserved a place for this event which the association organizes each year in September.

Sébastien Bibaut is the president of the Calgary Accueil association.

Photo: Radio-Canada / William Hamelin

Calgary Accueil is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It organizes annual events and activities for Francophones and Francophiles in the metropolis. The association also offers chess, reading, tennis and tarot clubs.

According to Mr. Bibaut, anyone who speaks French is welcome: Non-French speakers who wish to speak French [sont les bienvenues]but it’s true that our members and the majority of the people who take part in our activities are Francophones.

new knowledge

For most people at the barbecue, it’s an opportunity to meet old friends, but also to get to know new people.

David Viera came to Calgary with his wife and son two years ago. French by origin, he lived in Toronto for 19 years before settling with his wife in Calgary during the pandemic.

For him, this kind of event brings together people from different fields and countries. It allows me to see a lot of friends that I see on weekends [et] to make new friends.

Grilling hamburger patties on a barbecue grill.

People were able to enjoy back-to-school barbecue burgers on Sunday.

Photo: Radio-Canada / William Hamelin

For his part, Karim Archane comes from Marseille and moved to Calgary with his family barely a month ago. He hopes to meet new people on this day quite friendly, he said. The few French people I met [depuis mon arrivée] are really very nice, very welcoming, all the time in benevolence.

I really have the impression that all the people who come to Canada come precisely to change this gloom that we have in life in general, whether in France or elsewhere. For me, Canada brings together people who only want good vibes. »

A quote from Karim Archane

In the case of Laetitia Viguié, Calgarian for 13 years and originally from the south of France, the beautiful weather and the good atmosphere brought together new and old French-speaking families. The barbecue in September is usually the occasion to stock up on new faces to start the yearshe says.

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