a big challenge for Portuguese Amiens

A week after a forceps victory against Gamaches at the opening of the Regional 2 championship, the Portuguese Amiens is preparing to take up a big challenge in the Coupe de France against Beauvais, resident of National 2. Presentation.

Portuguese Amiens wants to go all out

One year after achieving the feat of eliminating a National 3 club, US Vimy, at the same stage of the competition, Portuguese Amiens will have even more to do against AS Beauvais on Saturday evening. ” It’s a big chunk but the good news is playing at home. On a dry match, you have to tell yourself that anything is possiblejudge Benoit Sturbois. If we get eliminated, the logic is respected. If we win, it will be a great achievement. After all, we still have a quality group to which this Coupe de France project belongs. For me, it’s not a priority at all, even if the cut also has the advantage of bringing money into the coffers over the past laps. In any case, itIt’s a good poster, we have everything to gain from this match. You just have to get your fingers out of your ass (sic). »

A shock resembling a reunion for Ryan Da Veigathe Portuguese striker and ASBO resident between 2017 and 2019: “ I still have some acquaintances there, including the coach that I know well. It hasn’t always been easy between us, but he’s a coach who has made me progress enormously and I know he is capable of mobilizing his team for this kind of trap match. For us, it will be a very good match to play, in the face of great adversity. I would have preferred to shoot an N2 later, but that’s part of the game. We know they’re above us, so we’ll have to show another side of us. We will probably have less of the ball than in the league, we will all have to defend together, unite. »

However, Ryan Da Veiga does not intend to approach this match with a gun. ” We will also have arguments to put forward and not to mention victory or defeat, we have our match to play to give ourselves a chance, he confirms. The goal is to be able to be proud of ourselves at the end. Don’t get the wrong objective either as we approach this match. The priority remains the championship, where we want to play the leading roles. The cup is a bonus for us players and the club as a whole. We just have to be driven by the desire to show a good image of the club which has been doing what it takes for a few years to play this type of match. »

And before perhaps having the opportunity to play such matches in the league in the more or less near future, the Portuguese Amiens therefore intends to take advantage of the opportunity to measure themselves against such an opponent through the Cup of France.



Fourth round of the French Cup

Saturday, September 24, 8 p.m.

Moulonguet Stadium, Amiens

Referee: Mr. Darcy

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