A journalist threatened with death in Syria has his visa refused by France

Syrian journalist Hussam Hammoud, who has collaborated with several French media, including France 24, was refused a humanitarian visa by France. In a forum, many colleagues gave him their support and were indignant at this refusal.

Monday, September 5, Hussam Hammoud received notification of the refusal of his humanitarian visa by France. A shock for the journalist who is now the subject of threats in Turkey and Syria.

“Destroying someone’s life and dreams is so easy by someone who has everything,” the reporter tweeted in response to the rejection. A rejection of his request “without any explanation”, he added. According to him, “the investigations on which (he) worked” for the French media should have enabled him to obtain the precious sesame.

In a series of widely shared tweets, he expresses his bitterness and anger. He believes that now that his “my visa has been refused after all the information I provided to France, I think I have the right to an explanation”.

Collaborator of France 24, Radio France and Médiapart

Hussam Hammoud has indeed investigated for years on terrorist movements in northern Syria. The journalist fled Raqqa in emergency in October 2019, after the withdrawal of the international coalition from this area. He thus collaborated with France 24, but also Radio France and Médiapart. He had had talks at the French Embassy in Ankara to explain his situation. Mr. Hammoud only received a simple email as an answer.

In a widely reported forum, trade unions are calling on the French authorities to reconsider their decision.

“France cannot remain silent and indifferent to its fate, when it has the power to act and protect a journalist who risked his life to inform our fellow citizens, and who today is more than ever threatened in because of the profession he exercises, “says the press release common to nearly 40 journalists’ companies. Indeed, Hussam Hammoud risks deportation to Syria from where he receives death threats.

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