a leak reveals the next-gen VR headset in video and photos

A user was able to get his hands on a Meta Quest Pro helmet a few weeks before the official presentation. So we have pictures of the new helmet which looks very fine.

Source: Meta

Since the acquisition of Oculus, Facebook then Meta has taken a considerable lead over the competition with its range of virtual reality headsets. The firm has made an appointment on October 11 to discover its new products at the Meta Connect conference.

Unfortunately for Meta, an Internet user was able to get their hands on the main attraction in advance: the new Meta Quest Pro headset.

An autonomous, thin and light VR headset?

Unfortunately for us, Ramiro Cardenas was unable to take sharp, high-quality photos of the helmet in question. He supplemented the images with a video of unboxing for the less complete, allowing to better realize the object.

Impossible to authenticate the source here, but if it is a fake, we can salute the effort to create a model approaching as much as we expect from Meta Quest Pro. In other words, we can honestly assume that this is the helmet that Mark Zuckerberg’s teams must present in a few weeks.

We discover a much thinner helmet and which seems much lighter than the Meta Quest 1 and 2. The firm seems to have succeeded in reducing the lenses placed at the front of the device to create a simpler visor.

Just in! Meta Quest Pro unboxing video leaked ahead of launch. pic.twitter.com/Mrq7FPhAKk

— Nathie (@NathieVR) September 12, 2022

The Quest Controller joysticks, on the other hand, do not seem to have been reworked too much. Meta is betting heavily on hand controls for its future. Sony, for its part, has bet on DualSense controllers with very realistic vibrations.

A few pictures of the box also confirm the name Meta Quest Pro. We expect a much higher selling price than the Meta Quest 1 and 2. The two consumer helmets had an attractive price around 400 euros. Meta could double the bill for this new headset targeting professionals.

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