A senator challenges his government on the case of Morocco

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French Senator Christian Cambon, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Armed Forces in the Senate, challenged the government of his country on the “great difficulties” encountered by Moroccan nationals in the issue of visas and their consequences for Franco-Moroccan relations.

In letters to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, Mr. Cambon, also president of the France-Morocco interparliamentary friendship group in the Senate, affirms that he has been seized, in recent weeks, like many of his fellow senators, of several case of refusal to issue visas for Moroccan nationals wishing to travel to France.

“This when the request seemed perfectly legitimate, such as a doctor wishing to go to an international medical congress or an athlete to participate in an international competition”, he wrote to the address of the head of diplomacy, Catherine Colonna, and the tenant of Place Beauvau, Gérald Darmanin. In this type of situation, the refusal to issue a visa by the French authorities arouses “strong emotion and legitimate incomprehension” on the part of Moroccan nationals, underlines the senator.

“The recent increase in decisions refusing to issue visas or residence permits to Moroccan nationals by the French authorities could seriously damage political, economic and cultural relations with Morocco, a friendly country of France and a pole of stability essential in a region where the risks and threats are numerous”, points out the French senator.

And to continue that Morocco represents “a strategic partner” of France, particularly in the economic and cultural fields, with many French companies and a very dense cultural network, or even in the fight against terrorism and on the migration issue. .

“To avoid any risk of weakening our bilateral cooperation, and in particular the very important place of French companies in this country, it would therefore seem appropriate to me that you could give the necessary instructions to your services so that they show greater discernment in the procedure for issuing visas”, he concludes.

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