Antoine Brizard, before the start of the World Cup: “The French team has never been so strong”

Antoine Brizard (setter for the French team, before the World Championship) : “You still have to put last Saturday’s victory against Brazil (3-0) into perspective. We are playing well, we are in good shape, but in a game anything can happen. The formula means that we will very quickly no longer have any room for error, the lights can very quickly turn red. I think the France team has never been so strong, it has a larger workforce than in the past. A medal is missing for this generation. We approach the competition with the aim of getting it, but the international level is extremely high. We will see the truth of the competition.

The state of mind is the main strength of the team. We have a technical quality above the average, physically we are below, but the relations within the group have evolved for several years. We have very different characters but we had the intelligence to take the time to try to understand each other, to accept each other. It took some time but that, for me, is the great strength of the group. »


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