automate up to 150 combinations on your ads

Meta has just launched a new advertising campaign format: Advantage+. This should save advertisers time, thanks to AI.

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An overview of the Advantage+ feature on Facebook Business Manager. © Meta

Advantage+: shopping campaigns powered by AI

Meta has just announced the addition of a new type of campaigns to its Meta Advantage suite, which offers tools for automating advertisements. Called Advantage+, these shopping campaigns help present more relevant ads to users, based on their shopping preferences.

Concretely, Advantage+ facilitates the work of advertisers, “by eliminating the manual steps of ad creation and automating up to 150 creative combinations at once”, explains Meta. A process made possible by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, SMA professionals can quickly identify the campaigns that show the best conversion rate, and therefore the best effectiveness.

Advantage+ campaigns are available to e-commerce and retail advertisers located anywhere in the world by August 15.

Meta makes improvements to its other Advantage tools

The company has also made updates to other tools in its AI-based suite, in particular to facilitate campaigns for VSEs and SMEs, allowing them to optimize their budgets. The tools concerned are:

  • Advantage+ creative: advertisers can create multiple versions of a single ad, which will automatically adjust the displayed visual to users’ preferences.
  • Advantage audience: the tool is able to generate precise targeting from the data of a page, and to adapt it as the campaigns are broadcast.
  • Advantage+ App campaigns: it is possible to associate several assets, and to benefit from capacities for attributing clicks for up to 7 days.
An overview of the new features of Advantage+ creative. © Meta

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