Bosses change at Altice France and SFR

Changes of bosses at Altice France and SFR. The media group (BFMTV, RMC) and telecoms (SFR) announced to employees the departure of Grégory Rabuel, who was the CEO of both Altice France and SFR. Arthur Dreyfuss, who until then headed the media branch, takes over as head of Altice France, while remaining at the head of Altice Media, according to a note sent Tuesday evening to employees. Mathieu Cocq, who until then was Executive Director Overseas (SFR Caribbean and SRR) of SFR, becomes the CEO of the telecom operator. The boss of the Altice group Patrick Drahi “warmly and friendly thanks Grégory (Rabuel) for the colossal work carried out in recent years, his exemplary career, his unfailing commitment and his loyalty”, according to the note to employees.

The note specifies that the departure, effective Tuesday, is carried out “by mutual agreement” between Grégory Rabuel and Patrick Drahi. But according to the CFDT, it is likely that Grégory Rabuel will pay the price for the disappointing results of the telecom operator. “The CFDT has been warning for months about the demotivation of employees” and about the mediocre results in terms of the number of subscribers, while the French telecom market is growing, told AFP Olivier Lelong, CFDT central union representative. from SFR. “Cutting staff is not really a way to take advantage of the wave” that is currently driving the market, he added.


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Voluntary departure plan

SFR has implemented in recent months a voluntary departure plan for 2,000 employees and many staff members are wondering about their future, he underlined. Grégory Rabuel, who spent a total of 13 years in the group, leaves the helm of Altice France to Arthur Dreyfuss, who until now was the CEO of Altice Media and the general secretary of Altice France. Arthur Dreyfuss held several cabinet positions between 2006 and 2011, before joining Havas. In 2014, he joined Patrick Drahi and the Altice group by becoming communications director of Altice NV, before joining Altice France and SFR in 2018 as general secretary, then CEO of Altice Media in July 2021.

Altice Media is trying to take advantage of the TF1-M6 merger project to establish itself as the second player in the French television advertising market, behind the new French giant but ahead of France Télévisions and Canal+. The group is buying TFX and 6ter put up for sale by TF1 and M6 to implement their merger project. In the changes announced on Tuesday, the functions of the general public executive director of SFR, Fabien Costa, are also terminated. This is replaced Éric Pradeau, general manager of the operator Coriolis Telecom, who will retain this function. In addition, Laurent Halimi, the legal executive director of Altice France will also become general secretary of the group, replacing Arthur Dreyfuss.


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