Bruno Pelletier reveals himself through a new biographical account

Meeting with the artist.

Bruno Pelletier, today you are releasing two complementary works in which you reveal yourself more. What does this story and this album mean to you?

Bruno Pelletier : It means to be ready, simply. Those who know me know that I have a rather discreet side. I haven’t really revealed many parts of my life over these 40 years. I did it a bit at the start of my career because I didn’t know enough about the business (laughs). I had a career where when I went to the media, I mostly talked about professional projects. Today, it’s social networks where artists and stars put themselves on stage a lot and show a lot of things from them. Me, there’s always been a kind of slight fight with that. The way to do the job and the way to present our personal life through it all. I saved myself from all that, especially in the last 20 years. We tried three times to convince me to write this biographical account. It is an interview and discussions with Samuel Larochelle who is a young author, journalist, but also a singer. And that played into the equation because he had an angle and a way of asking questions. I started to tell things that I never thought I would tell in my life.

We also learn in this biography that anxiety is part of your life, especially during important events, such as major media premieres.

Bruno Pelletier : We always talk about the leaflet for the artists, they are nervous. But when it goes beyond that, when you’re on the verge of panic attacks, when you’re sick, when you sleep more, at a certain point, it doesn’t become normal. It took me a long time to be able to understand that many artists live it, but no one talks about it. It took me a long journey to be able to say: What you see seems like a strength on stage, the veins popping out while I sing, but inside I was tiny. Today I am a little taller.

Has this anxiety made you question whether or not to continue your career?

Bruno Pelletier : So much! I think it’s been four times that I’ve said I’m quitting. Because I don’t want to live like this anymore. As a matter of fact, there is always a new project that excites me. Even if I know what I’m going to live, I know that the project is exciting so I’m going. I have the tools now to better control it.

The story “It came the time…” and the album “Car le temps est came” will be released together on September 21.

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If you have continued your career, it is because you still enjoy it. What do you like most about your job?

Bruno Pelletier : Since I started talking about it, there are people who tell me But it doesn’t make sense to experience that at every show!but I say It’s not at every show, it’s at every big event. It could be singing on live TV in front of millions of people, I’m going to be scared to death. It may be a first in London like I had with Notre Dame of Paris. I won’t sleep for weeks before. It’s the moment, it’s events, it starts upstream until the event. From there afterwards, I have fun and I start to really have fun. You went to 30, 40 performances, then there, it’s fun, with your colleagues, with your musicians.

In addition to this biographical account The time has come…you release the album Because the time has come. Are these two projects interrelated?

Bruno Pelletier : From the start, I had told Samuel that if we did a biographical account, we would do a complete project. I also wanted to make music that will accompany the literary project. Initially, it was to be an EP. We started the project in 2019. The pandemic arrived at the beginning of 2020. I made a studio at home, I wrote a lot more songs than expected on themes that are covered in the book and so that gives an album to the instead of an EP.

What are the themes covered in the album?

Bruno Pelletier : I’m talking about my mother, I’m talking about my old friends with whom I made music right here in Quebec. I talk about anxiety with song In my head, where I feel a bit of an impostor, pretending to show that you are strong on stage. I also talk about the difference of people, of communities, of everything we are, of the human.

Have these biographical projects been liberating for you?

Bruno Pelletier : Yes… But that, I didn’t know. At the beginning, it was not natural, then it became so because I had confidence with Samuel. But I had set aside everything I had said for the book. By the time the impressions are made, a few months have passed. There, I had to dive back to name it clearly in front of people, on camera, in front of you. It’s doing the exercise again. Last week, I was not very well, but finally, there is a great welcome to the project. When you see that people understand what you wanted to do, it reassures me a little. I have been a insecure very long, but it disappears, that, slowly. Age helps, projects, a certain success means that at some point you do: Ok, you’ve earned your place.

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