Canada: Kenyan woman drowns in swimming pool, live on Facebook (video)

A bathing session turned tragic and has since sparked an avalanche of reaction on the web. A young woman of Kenyan origin, residing in Canada, drowned in a swimming pool while filming herself live on Facebook.

The young woman identified as Hellen Wendy, a nurse living in Toronto, Ontario, was in very good spirits moments before the tragic incident on Thursday, August 18.

Indeed, in a video that has gone viral on the web, we can see the young woman bathing when she launched the live broadcast on her Facebook page. “Nimetoka’s work, I feel good when I’m at the pool. It’s 2pm here,” he could be heard saying in his live session before heading back into the water.

At exactly 5:45 minutes into the footage, Wendy dove into the water several feet from her recording field. She continued swimming while keeping her face underwater for several seconds before returning to the camera to read the comments.

A few minutes later, the young woman dived into the water, but this time in the large pool. At exactly 10:33, Wendy began gasping for air as she kicked and screamed in a futile effort to get away from the danger zone.

At exactly 11:54 p.m., she breathed her last breath before total silence fell. From this point the camera continued to roll for 3 hours before a man showed up at 3:09. The latter approached and finally discovered that there is a body floating on the surface of the pool. Taken by fear, He shouted to call the guard of the establishment.

On the evening of Friday, August 19, the famous live-recorded video garnered over 8,000 comments, 7,000 likes and was shared over 1,400 times.

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