Canada Revenue Agency: it mistakenly receives more than $6,000

Many citizens still have problems with the Canada Revenue Agency, such as the case of a woman from the Matane region, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, who received an insurance payment by mistake. employment in his account.

Despite the refund she made, Revenue Canada claims nearly $1,000 in taxes.

To her surprise, Ms. Turcotte received $6,346 from employment insurance last April. However, she never asked for this sum, since she was working in a school service center at the time.

After noticing the situation, she reimburses the amount paid to her through inattention.

Two weeks later, she receives a notice of assessment claiming close to $1,000 in taxes on this amount which, let’s remember, should never have landed in her bank account.

“They admitted it was their mistake. I find it absurd to have to pay for someone else’s mistake. I denounce the situation because it is unfair. There are people who do not have the means to repay this kind of sum, ”supported the victim.

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