a finally peaceful return to France?

Yannick Vely 08/26/2022 at 09:24 PMUpdated 08/26/2022 at 09:32 PM If the Covid-19 epidemic is still not over, the start of the 2022-2023 school year promises to be less complicated than the previous ones. “In view of the health situation, and on the recommendation of the health authorities, the base level is retained from the … Read more

“The United Kingdom is a friend of France”, answers Emmanuel Macron to Liz Truss

Published on : 08/26/2022 – 21:30 It is a sentence, launched during the campaign among the Conservatives in the United Kingdom, which goes badly in France. Liz Truss, favorite to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 5, refused to decide, during a meeting on Thursday August 25, and to say whether French President Emmanuel … Read more

“The prices are completely insane”

Published on : 08/26/2022 – 21:38 The wholesale price of electricity in France reached a record on Friday: it exceeded 1,000 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), against 85 euros/MWh a year ago. For Nicolas Goldberg, energy expert at Colombus Consulting, this surge in prices could result in “an increase of between 30 and 40% in … Read more

122 feminicides in France in 2021, up 20% compared to 2020

“The homicides conjugal cases recorded in 2021 correspond more to the level of the number of violent deaths within the couple observed before the Covid-19 epidemic”say the authorities. “The typical profile of the author has not changed. He is mostly male, most often, in a couple, of French nationality, aged 30 to 49 or 70 … Read more

should France be inspired by it?

US President Joe Biden announced a partial cancellation of student loans on August 24, 2022, as he had promised in his presidential program. The situation was becoming critical in the United States since the amount of student debt had tripled in the space of 12 years to reach more than 1,600 billion dollars. In a … Read more

The wholesale price of electricity in France exceeds €1,000 per MWh for 2023, 12 times more than in 2022

In a crazy week for energy prices in Europe, wholesale electricity prices for 2023 in Germany and France broke new records on Friday August 26, 2022 at €850 and over €1,000 per megawatt hour respectively. (MWh). This is almost twelve times more than a year ago in France. Read also: Electricity. Faced with suppliers who … Read more

Sandrine Gruda is back in the France team, for the preparation of the World Cup

Sandrine Gruda, captain and top scorer in the history of the France team (2,784 points in 215 selections), spared since the start of preparation for the World Cup (September 22-October 1 in Australia), due pain in a knee, finds the selection, from Friday in Pau, where the Blue are in training. The latter will also … Read more