Balkissa Idé Siddo, Director of Public Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa at Meta

By Balkissa Idé Siddo, Director of Public Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) was held this year in a complex socio-economic context that persists around the world due to economies still destabilized by Covid-19. Only eight years from the deadline for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), … Read more

Cambridge Analytica: Meta has reached a preliminary agreement with the plaintiffs

If the facts broke out in 2018, the Cambridge Analytica affair is still not over. According to AFP, Meta has reached a preliminary agreement in the collective lawsuit launched the same year. A court document filed Friday, August 26, with a San Francisco court reveals that Meta is seeking a stay of proceedings for sixty … Read more

Sale of Diem, Meta’s cryptocurrency

The Diem association would try to sell its assets to allow its members to recover some parts of their initial investment, according to revelations from Bloomberg, published on January 25. Created in 2019 at the initiative of Facebook, now Meta, the Diem cryptocurrency had to face manifestly insurmountable regulatory pressure. Good deal, Diem’s ​​intellectual property … Read more

Meta Launches New Collaborative Ads to Drive Direct Selling

(Ecofin Agency) – Many brands’ main objective is to sell on social networks, especially on Facebook. The Meta company might allow them to achieve it with a new feature. The American giant Meta announced on its blog the arrival of a new form of advertising which will give brands the possibility of collaborating directly with … Read more

Overview of Meta’s VR Headset packaging

A hotel employee named Ramiro Cardenas discovered the packaging of the Quest Pro, and posted images of it on Facebook. He even shared an unboxing video of Meta’s new VR headset on the social network. This isn’t the first time we’ve had a look at the design of the Meta Quest Pro, currently codenamed Cambria … Read more

The American Meta loses a round against the German gendarme of the competition

The social networking giant Meta, parent company of Facebook, suffered a setback on Tuesday in European justice where it challenges the ban imposed by the German competition policeman on the use of users’ personal data. A competition authority “may, in the exercise of its powers, take into account the compatibility of a commercial practice with … Read more