United States: Meta deletes the accounts of an American anti-vaccine organization

Posted19 August 2022, 00:33 United States: Meta deletes accounts of US anti-vaccine organization Facebook and Instagram on Thursday deleted the accounts of Children’s Health Defense, an organization that criticizes the safety of Covid-19 vaccines. Robert Kennedy Jr, nephew of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is a major figure in the American anti-vaccine galaxy. Getty Images via AFP … Read more

Meta presents updates based on artificial intelligence

The American company unveils several updates following. And they have the particularity of being linked toartificial intelligence. Meta therefore presents a conversational AI as well as a new way to automate advertisements. These technological advances could allow many companies to multiply campaigns with simplicity. Meta develops conversational artificial intelligence More and more brands are installing … Read more

4 tips to grow your business with Reels

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, reveals the top 4 tips for content creators on its Instagram platform to grow their business. Reels are becoming the biggest driver of engagement growth on Instagram, providing the best way to circumvent diminishing attention spans and grow your business through a strong, lasting relationship with your customers. Reels already … Read more

Meta: why its Horizon Worlds metaverse is disappointing

“Honestly, I expected something else. I don’t understand why some features weren’t better thought out.” Contacted by video, a user details for L’Express the many flaws of Horizon Worlds, the metaverse of Meta now available in France. “As they have just launched it, we would have expected a somewhat out of the ordinary experience. But … Read more

Meta has developed an AI to fight fake news

Meta, and more specifically Facebook, is known to be one of the social networks where fake news spreads at high speed. To fight against this scourge, the group announced the launch of a new tool called Sphere. This artificial intelligence was designed to automatically analyze the veracity of content offered by a user on a … Read more