the queues are getting longer on the net

In France, a strong immigrant community resides in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, in the Paris region. Paradoxically, it is in this prefecture that things are most blocked with regard to obtaining or renewing residence permits. In the French prefectures, for foreigners, “physical queues have been replaced by invisible but very real queues”. This is the … Read more

Coursan: Mailheuls students go to VISA pour l’Image in Perpignan

Direction Perpignan for college students who have visited some exhibitions. Once again this year, all the ninth-grade students from the Collège des Mailheuls traveled to Perpignan for the Visa pour l’image international photojournalism festival. Supervised by their French, language and history teachers as well as by the librarian, they discovered four exhibitions related to current … Read more

A senator challenges his government on the case of Morocco

French Senator Christian Cambon, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Armed Forces in the Senate, challenged the government of his country on the “great difficulties” encountered by Moroccan nationals in the issue of visas and their consequences for Franco-Moroccan relations. In letters to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, … Read more

In the Maghreb, resentment over visa restrictions

“A collective, unjust punishment, aimed indiscriminately at all Algerians, Moroccans or Tunisians. » More than 115 organizations working for the defense of human rights from three Maghreb countries and France denounce in these terms the restriction of the granting of visas by France in an appeal entitled “The policy of visas: discrimination and injustice”, published … Read more

The thorny question of welcoming Russian deserters in Europe

Vehicles wait to cross the border between Russia and Finland, in Virolahti, Finland, on September 23, 2022. Faced with the influx following the “partial mobilization” decreed by Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Helsinki announced that it wanted to “drastically reduce the entry of Russian citizens” into its territory. SASU MAKINEN / AFP This is a question … Read more

BIAT signs a new partnership with VISA

BIAT welcomed a Visa delegation to its head office. And this on the occasion of the signing of a new partnership for the next six years, the result of close collaboration between the two institutions and testifying to their excellent relations. For more than thirty years now, Visa has been supporting BIAT to develop its … Read more

TLS CONTACT gives advice to facilitate obtaining a visa for Europe

TLS CONTACT gives advice to facilitate obtaining a visa for Europe TLS contact North Africa regional manager, Bassem Missaoui, said there is no interference with the center as all information is digitized. The official explained that the institution is an intermediary between the citizen and the embassy and has nothing to do with the acceptance … Read more

Whether or not to welcome Russian deserters, a dilemma for the European Union

“The question is delicate”, recognizes the European Commission. Germany is ready to welcome them, the Baltic countries are hostile to them: the fate of Russians fleeing military mobilization divides the European Union, caught between the desire to support opponents of Vladimir Putin and fears for the security of the bloc. Brussels “is following the situation … Read more