Climate: Canada is preparing for one of the worst storms on record

Hurricane Fiona, which has already killed several people in Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic, is now moving towards the east coast of Canada.

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Dgusts of up to 215 km/h, heavy rains… Hurricane Fiona, which was still considered to be at strength four out of five on Wednesday and Thursday, is slowly approaching the Atlantic coast of Canada. It should make landfall on Saturday morning.

A warning has been declared in the provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and southern Quebec.

Residents can expect very strong winds and power outages. Intense rains are also forecast. The authorities have warned the population against flooding and falling trees which could lead to the temporary closure of certain roads.

Fiona is expected to be a more powerful hurricane than Hurricane Juan in 2003 or Dorian in 2019, which left severe damage in its path, meteorologist Bob Robichaud of the Canadian Hurricane Center said at a press briefing. “We will have to determine where it will go in the history books afterward, but it will certainly be an historic and extreme event for eastern Canada,” Robichaud said.

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