Considered a promotion of prostitution. A shocking video to promote Egyptian tourism in Canada


Egypt’s social networking site ‘Facebook’ has erupted in a wave of anger after a shocking video was released in an attempt to promote Egyptian tourism in Montreal, Canada.

According to Egyptian citizen, Ali Al-Maghrabi, who resides in Canada, the video was filmed in downtown Montreal, Canada, as the motorcade promoting Egyptian tourism passed through a street.

According to the released video, the procession attempted to promote Egyptian tourism through dance, as one of them appeared in a Saidi costume, performing a folk dance, while the majority of the girls participating in the procession wore the dance. costumes and Bellydance segments performed.

Official delegates from the Ministry of Tourism

For its part, “Al-Maghraby” confirmed through the comments on the video that those who presented the show are delegates of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and do not reside in Canada.

He also explained that the delegates were present, instructed by an official from the Ministry of Tourism, and obtained a visa, a ticket, a two-day stay and “Phuket Money” to revive the folk festival.

anger and disapproval

The published video provoked a wave of anger and denunciation from Egyptians, who saw this act as an insult to Egypt and its history, and demanded that officials from the Ministry of Tourism be held accountable for this. deed.

In this context, Sabah Shehta expressed his anger saying, “This is a promotion for Haram Street. They are supposed to be tried for abuse. »

As for Tariq Fouad, he commented: “Imagine, when I saw this procession of the promotion, what happened.. I had this kind of thing about the eclipse.. First , who developed the idea, he used the song “Sawah” by Abdel Halim on the basis that he came from tourism, according to his understanding, Al-Agbar Al-Madhous. And on the basis that foreigners will understand the melody and understand the meaning of tourists that it is tourism of the same letters, so you can see the son of the verse.. and one with a sleeve and a stick dances with a stick.. a stick in Canada!!!!!! Do you understand, I mean, what kind of disobedient, claustrophobic, fast moving is taking place? It is not promotion or recreation. It’s terrorism, our brothers.. it’s not the beast of the universe who walks in the front rows of the size of XXX wide and drags behind her the two poor girls dressed in blue, my beloved, shattered, hungry and healthy Ali Adham as if tukhayyinah tutelage kidnapped and swept them away so Canadian Suez Bridge reported….

Wafaa Al-Sharif said, denouncing what happened saying, “This is the thought and vision of those responsible. The new Minister of Tourism was a bank clerk, and they walked around the respected man Khaled Anani.

Molly Noureddine also denounced what happened, accusing those responsible of promoting prostitution, saying: “You are the ones who authorize the country and treat women like commodities, because frankly part of the people accepted and consented to it. There is no power except from God the Almighty”.

Adel Arafa said angrily, “What nonsense, clowning and decadence is this, my Lord, I’m sorry. »

As for Yousry Abdel-Sabour, he said: “Sorry… those responsible for this crime must be tried for damaging the reputation of Egypt”.

The Impact of Ukraine and the Corona War on Egyptian Tourism

Egypt’s tourism sector has been heavily affected by the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, especially since tourists from the two countries account for around 40% of the volume of beach tourism that arrives in Egypt each year, according to ministry figures. of Tourism and the Chamber of Tourist Establishments of the country.

Egypt’s revenue from the tourism sector has been affected by the Corona epidemic crisis and the accompanying precautionary measures, as well as the imposition by many countries around the world of travel restrictions, and it was expected that that the tourism sector is popular this season in light of the easing of measures to combat the Corona epidemic globally, but the war in Ukraine has thwarted so many hopes.

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