Demolition of the temporary air terminal: Propair criticizes Rouyn-Noranda

Étienne Lambert, the president of Propair, criticizes the City for harming the growth of his business with this upcoming demolition.

Propair, which works in the field of air transport, tried to acquire the temporary terminal at Rouyn-Noranda airport. She blames the municipality for the failure of the negotiations.

The building was built in anticipation of the inauguration of the new terminal. It is in the process of being demolished, the municipality having published a call for tenders for this purpose.

I would like the City to change its mind and let us acquire the temporary terminal. It’s our greatest wishmentions Etienne Lambert.

The President of Propair, Étienne Lambert.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Melanie Picard

Propair wishes to convert part of the temporary terminal into an aviation school, in addition to using the other part to support the growth of its activities.

The company procured three 18-seat aircraft as well as seven other aircraft for its Grondair aviation school. Mr. Lambert claims, in these conditions, to need space.

The City points to Propair

According to Étienne Lambert, the demolition of the temporary terminal will be detrimental to the growth of his business.

The Mayor of Rouyn-Noranda, Diane Dallaire, affirms for her part that Propair declined three offers from the municipality in the file of the temporary terminal.

Lambert aurait aimé qu’il y ait une contrepartie symbolique, mais c’est impensable pour une ville de donner des fonds publics à une entreprise privée”,”text”:”Il faut rétablir les faits. M.Lambert aurait aimé qu’il y ait une contrepartie symbolique, mais c’est impensable pour une ville de donner des fonds publics à une entreprise privée”}}”>We need to get the facts straight. Mr. Lambert would have liked there to be a symbolic counterpart, but it is unthinkable for a city to give public funds to a private companymentions Ms. Dallaire.

Diane Dallaire poses in the offices of the City of Rouyn-Noranda, smiling at the camera.

The Mayor of Rouyn-Noranda, Diane Dallaire.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Gabriel Poirier

In addition to his purchase proposal, Étienne Lambert claims to have offered the municipality to reimburse him for the amount of public subsidies it received to build the temporary terminal.

Strategic location

Mayor Dallaire specifies that the temporary terminal is located in a strategic location for the development of the Rouyn-Noranda airport. She adds that the demolition of the building will allow the construction of a new hangar. However, it is not in a position to give a timetable for this project.

Propair regrets this situation, especially since the company says it is ready to grow now.

The City wants to demolish it to set up, in five, ten or fifteen years, a new promising project. We are now ready to use this terminal to support our growthretorts Mr. Lambert.

The company believes that the City is keen to move forward with its multi-service hangar project to avoid losing a $15 million grant from the Regional Air Transport Initiative, a federal program.

125 employees

Note that Propair issued a press release on Wednesday to ask the municipality to reconsider its decision. The company says it hopes to stay in Rouyn-Noranda.

The press release in question is signed by several members of the business community, including David Lecours, president of the Rouyn-Noranda Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Founded in 1954, Propair offers private aircraft rental, aeromedical evacuation, corporate shuttle and aircraft maintenance services. It has 125 employees, including 70 pilots.

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