Elections Quebec 2022 | Radio-Canada will bring the chefs together twice

Radio-Canada will bring together the leaders of Quebec’s main political parties twice during the next election campaign.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux
The Press

On Sunday, September 4, Premier François Legault (Coalition avenir Québec), Dominique Anglade (Liberal Party of Québec), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (Québec solidaire), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (Parti québécois) and Éric Duhaime (Conservative Party of Quebec) will participate in Five leaders, one election, live. Presented on ICI RDI and ICI TÉLÉ at 8 p.m., this 120-minute show will be hosted by Anne-Marie Dussault, Céline Galipeau and Patrice Roy. Radio-Canada, which launched its 2022-2023 season on Tuesday, revealed the news.

For its part, the leaders’ debate hosted by Patrice Roy will be broadcast on ICI TÉLÉ, ICI RDI and Télé-Québec on September 22 at 8 p.m., one week after the Face to face of VAT.

Although all the polls point to an easy victory for François Legault in the October 3 ballot, news anchor Patrice Roy indicated, in an interview with The Press last week that he was excited to cover this provincial campaign. “Even if people say they know who’s going to win, there are a lot of stories that we’re going to follow. »

Elsewhere, Gérald Fillion will offer, on ICI RDI, a special edition of Economy zone on inflation (August 25 at 6 p.m.), as well as an economic debate (September 8 at 6 p.m.), during which candidates from the five main parties will be invited to defend their vision of Québec’s economic challenges.

During the campaign, Sébastien Bovet adds a new daily appointment, Country buffs (weekdays at 4:30 p.m.). Outgoing deputies will comment there on a day-to-day basis on the good and bad moves of the parties.

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