Finally legs for Meta avatars!

Meta, the parent company of Facebook is currently working on legs for its avatars. However, you will only see those of others, not your own.

During his latest “Ask me anything” Instagram session, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth was asked about Meta avatar leg tracking. ” It’s true. Legless avatars have been laughed at a lot. And I think that’s very fair and it’s kind of funny,” he replied. As a reminder, the silhouette avatars of Meta stops at waist levelas if they were floating in the air, which is quite disturbing.

“Legs that don’t match your real legs on your avatar, that bothers you. But of course it is possible to put legs on other avatars. You will see them and it will not disturb you”.

“We are working on legs that look natural to the viewer. The latter does not know how your real legs are actually positioned. But you probably won’t see anything when you look at your own legs. This is our current strategy. »

An avatar system showing only other people’s legs

Meta’s current avatar system, released to developers late last year, currently displays legs in the editor. But they are not included in the SDK and therefore do not appear in applications. Many apps and games give you virtual legs. However, as no current VR system has built-in leg tracking, they do not match the movement of your real legs. Some people don’t care, or even prefer it. However, as Bosworth points out, this is confusing to many.

But that does not prevent an avatar system showing legs for other people. And that’s what Meta is working on, according to Bosworth. This approach still presents major challenges, such as how to properly manage the transition from sitting to standing. In many applications today, avatars appear to be dragging and sliding more than actually walking.

Last month, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased significant graphical updates for Meta avatars. This took place after the ridiculous of their current graphical simplicity. It’s unclear if this update will also bring legs, or if these are entirely separate projects. Zuckerberg announced that Meta would reveal more details at the annual Connect conferencescheduled for October 11.

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