Following the Hockey Canada scandal: clear and strict sanctions unveiled

In the wake of allegations of sexual assault that have smeared Hockey Canada, the QMJHL today announced an action plan that includes clear and strict sanctions in cases of sexual misconduct.

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This plan is divided into two pillars: prevention and intervention. Players and team staff will have more workshops and webinars to attend on the concept of consent throughout the season.

Added to this are now more severe penalties for charges of all kinds, including an indefinite suspension in the case of a formal complaint filed with the police or penalties in the event of allegations in the media.

The filing of this new plan by the QMJHL comes as an independent investigation is currently being conducted by former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell, who is expected to submit a report in November.

There is also the case of players Nicolas Daigle and Massimo Siciliano, who are still awaiting further legal proceedings after being criminally charged with sexual assault on a minor in the summer of 2021.

A situation that has accelerated the process of setting up an action plan, confirmed today the commissioner of the league, Gilles Courteau.

Discreet against Hockey Canada

The latter did not want to comment too much on the Hockey Canada file, because of the investigation still in progress, but nevertheless let his vision of the management that Hockey Canada had made of the alleged cases show through. .

“As leaders, would we have done differently [de Hockey Canada] ? Probably, because we have had a way of doing things for several years. Without wanting to go into the details of what happened in 2018, Hockey Canada realizes that they have to make changes in their ways in various respects,” he said, swearing that the league did not have a a reserve fund used to settle sexual assault cases out of court, as was the case at Hockey Canada.

Recall that, in the case of Daigle and Siciliano, they had been suspended indefinitely two days after the charges were filed by the alleged victim.

In the case of Daigle, he had tried to circumvent his suspension by joining a professional league in Ukraine, but the QMJHL had not agreed to release him because of the suspension which weighs on him.

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