Football: in the Coupe de France, two gala matches on the banks of Thau

La Peyrade hosts OC Perpignan, while Pointe-Courte will be visited by RCO Agathois.

Two beautiful posters around Thau are on the menu for the third round of the Coupe de France. Once is not custom, only representatives of the district will go up on the stage. In the Lapeyradoise den, the Olympians will receive residents of Pool B of R2, players from OC Perpignan.

A fit team

The Olympique Catalan Club is one of the eleven football clubs based in the former capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca. In the last exercise, he played the leading roles and finished fourth in the championship, which makes him a logical favorite. However, the state of form displayed since the start of the season by the “Red and White” offers some hope of going an extra round. Against AS Méditerranée, they showed qualities on the tactical and technical levels, they also showed a desire to continue their journey.

The Point is back

In Sète, there too a superb derby will be offered. The arrival of the RCO Agde is perceived as a reward for the players of the PCAC of Sète.

Football fans around Thau feel it. For some time, something has been happening on the Maillol side. The Point is back! Sporting ambition revised upwards, rise in D1 which reassures, we expand the staff, we train goalkeepers, the “Marine et blanc” club resurfaces, it’s a good thing for the city, it’s good for football .

The arrival of a National 3 club, which is also close, therefore sounds like a gift offered to Farid Yajou’s players.

Note that Lapeyradois and Pointus will meet next Sunday, during the first day of the D1 championship.

The meetings will take place this Sunday, September 11 at 3 p.m.
Oh. Lapeyradois / OC Perpignan,
Pointe-Courte AC / RCO Agde.

First round of the Women’s French Cup.
The meetings will take place this Sunday, September 11 at 2:30 p.m.
FU Narbonne / FC Sète (R2),
Balaruc Stadium / Montpellier Arceaux,
US Villeveyrac / Le Buisson.

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