France must save “right now” to face a possible very cold winter

“Situations of tension could develop during the winter,” warns Thierry Trouvou, CEO of GRTgaz.

France has filled its gas stocks well and must be “able to cope“to an average winter while helping neighboring countries with imported gas, but must start saving”right nowto cope with a possible very cold winter, indicated GRTgaz, this Wednesday.

In an average winter, the French gas system is able to meet demand, while supporting the electricity system and actively contributing to European solidarity. However, situations of tension could develop during the winter. To prevent them, sobriety in gas and electricity is essential from now on in order to limit the risks of imposed reductions in consumption which would only concern large consumers.“said GRTgaz in a press release.

An awareness system, like Ecowatt for electricity, should be launched in October. This website will inform and educate the French about their gas consumption.

In addition, in order to contribute to European solidarity, a new gas export capacity from France to Germany will be available “mid-october“, announced the director general of the manager of the gas network in France, GRTgaz Thierry oublie, during a press conference on Wednesday.

Under the effect of the war in Ukraine, the gas flows historically coming from the East have been reversed. A gradual drying up of gas transits from Germany (with Russian gas, editor’s note) has taken place since the summer of 2022: GRTgaz is working to adapt its network to develop new export capacity from France to Germany which will be available mid-October», Specifies a press release from GRTgaz.


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