France team – Evra still puts all of France on the back

Often criticized during his career, Patrice Evra is not likely to restore his image in France after his last statement. The former captain of the Blues has indeed confided that he regretted having worn the tricolor jersey to the detriment of Senegal, his country of birth.

It is to believe that Patrice Evra adores the polemics. As captain of the France team during the fiasco in Knysna, we can say that the former left side has been served. Many supporters and observers criticized his behavior during this 2010 World Cup. Few wanted to see him again in the jersey of the Blues after the worst episode in the history of the selection.

Since then, the Manchester United supporter has never improved his image, in particular because of his mixed stint at Olympique de Marseille. But also because of the famous chamber at the Parc des Princes when the Red Devils came there to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League in 2019. This was not enough for Patrice Evra who decided to recover from the France back. Indeed, the friend of Paul Pogba dared to declare that he regretted having chosen the Blues rather than Senegal, his country of birth.

Evra regrets having chosen the EdF

If I could go back, I would choose to represent my native country, Senegal, instead of Francedropped the native of Dakar to the media Sports Brief. (…) When I was young, my parents gave me the chance to choose my national team and because I grew up in France, I chose France. But I realized later that choosing my own country became political. One of the painful lessons I learned with this pick is that when you play well and win, you are French; when the team loses, you are considered Senegalese. Unsurprisingly, his statement is making a lot of noise.

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