Guild Wars 2 is removing some balance changes from August 23 and adapting so that future changes are more meta-based.

The Guild Wars 2 team is planning a new balance update for August 23rd. When the team last released notes, but not reasons and justifications in line with the goals, for a major professions update, they admitted to dropping the ball on communication and promised better. Now, there’s an ongoing community conversation regarding the August 23 update (which also falls on Steam’s release date), and ArenaNet has already promised several changes to its plans and added new members of the crew.

Josh Davis, after reviewing much of the already very intense and lively (to say the least) community thread on their original plans for August 23rd, announced a few changes. With community feedback, ANet will be able to reevaluate its goals and how the team plans for changes, and it’s with that in mind that Josh Davis announced what they were dropping.

“Reading your comments on the August 23 preview, it became clear to us that one aspect of the previous balance approach was particularly problematic. Specifically, adjusting the balance of PvE constructs based on their potential under ideal, unrealistic conditions – conditions that are unlikely to be met unless you’re testing against a golem, or that the player is extremely competent.”

With that, several planned changes to the mirage were scrapped, but Davis also noted something important that the team will consider going forward when planning balance changes and their goals. .

“This change in approach raises questions about previous changes that were made with the ‘potential’ of a build in mind, rather than the realistic outcome. We will evaluate these past changes on a case-by-case basis in future releases. That’s not to say we won’t deal with overperforming builds in the future, but we’ll focus more on builds that dominate the meta, rather than builds that could theoretically dominate.”

To learn more about this update and the ongoing discussion, which will likely change how the Guild Wars 2 team approaches future similar updates, head over to the Ongoing Discussion and Comments thread. .

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