How to get a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia?

For other VISA, as a French national, you must contact the Saudi Arabian consulate in France. Don’t forget to complete the online pre-registration procedures. The operation is chargeable. Once completed, you can then submit your file.

Documents to be provided for a VISA for Saudi Arabia

To obtain the precious sesame, you must complete the official form provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom in France. Again, you can go through the same link that was provided to you a little above.

If you are a technician, engineer or any person eligible for a commercial or business visit VISA, then you must apply for a Work Visit VISA. In this context, you must provide proof of travel, such as the mission letter, but not only.

ID photos

Your file must include two recent identity photos, colors, identical and in the format 4.5 x 3.5 cm. If you prefer to take your picture with your smartphone, you can request the services of specialized companies to adapt the shots to the requirements of the Saudi authorities.


Passport is compulsory. It must be valid for at least 6 additional months. The travel document must also include a completely blank page with no inscription. This is where the competent authorities will be able to deposit the VISA. Don’t forget to attach a copy of your passport.

The letter of invitation or mission

If you are a professional sent by your company for a specific job, you must attach your mission statement. The letter of invitation, for its part, is ratified by the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget to take out repatriation insurance, in addition to your travel and medical insurance.


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