how to get the best deals?

When someone is planning to travel, the most important step after obtaining travel documents (such as a visa) is finding a cheap plane ticket. The purchase of the plane ticket is undoubtedly the most sensitive and important part of a trip.

Once the travel destination has been set and all the administrative procedures have been completed, the traveler must therefore find the cheapest plane ticket. The price of the latter is one of the most essential elements to take into account in the budget.

Before booking, you should know that the price of the plane ticket differs according to several criteria including the destination, the day of booking and the flight dates.

Google Flights: here are the best times to get the cheapest prices

In a recent study on this subject, Google Flights published data on airfares over 5 years, to help travelers determine how to find the cheapest fare, reported Thursday, September 8 the newspaper Alarabiya.

Some results of this study may surprise travelers, such as the lower prices of domestic flights during the 21 to 60 days before the date of travel, specifies the same source.

The specialists who conducted this study studied the average prices of round-trip air tickets on Google Flights between August 1, 2017 and August 1, 2022. And this, for trips ranging from 6 to 9 days and from 13 to 16 days from 4,000 markets in the United States.

On domestic flights, Google flight data showed flight prices were typically lowest between 21 and 60 days before takeoff. Among these dates, the lowest price was the 44th day before takeoff.

In addition, flights operated at the beginning of the week are 12% cheaper than flights operated on weekends, according to the same study. Flights operated on Sundays are particularly expensive.

Flights to Europe: when do the best ticket offers appear?

If the traveler is not in a hurry and can take time to get to their destination, they can opt for a flight with stopovers to find a better deal. According to the study, non-stop fares are 20% higher than prices that include stopovers.

If the passenger plans to travel to a destination in Europe, ticket prices are at their lowest between 50 and 179 days before departure. In addition, the best offers usually appear within 129 days before takeoff.

For spring break, which typically begins in March or April, price patterns on Google Flight show prices tend to drop two months before scheduled takeoff.

Also, it should be noted that the results are not exhaustive, as they only represent certain types of travelers and airlines. So the best way to unearth bargains is to set up price alerts and jump on the bargains as they become available.

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