“Kim Clavel will be the first millionaire boxer in Canada” – Yvon Michel

Thus, the original plan that would have seen him deliver an optional defense by the end of the year and Yesenia Gomez’s promised rematch early in 2023 has been shelved.

It is because he is convinced that his protege is at the top of his game that the promoter Yvon Michel has stretched the poles in order to obtain another major fight for Clavel (16-0, 3 K.- O.).

He contacted the clan of Argentina Evelyn Bermudez, holder of the IBF and WBO belts, as well as that of Yesica Nery Plata (28-2, 3-0), WBA champion. The entourage of the latter responded present.

As Yvon said, it’s true that I jumped in the air when I heard the news. Boxer against Yesica Nery Plata, a true champion, like Gomez. These are not vacant belts. We both won against higher ranked girls than us said Clavel during the press briefing held Friday, at Place Bell in Laval, the scene of this expected face-to-face, on December 1st.

Not a little proud of her punch, Michel declared that Clavel would probably become the first millionaire boxer in the history of the sport in Canada. The ultimate goal is to unify all belts.

Clavel and Plata clearly have a mutual respect for each other. Their first exchanges by video interposed were imprinted with it.

The 28-year-old Mexican said that Place Bell will be the biggest amphitheater where she will have had the opportunity to fight. However, the one who is trained by her father refuses to be impressed by this prospect.

Knowing that both are engaging in a double or quits bet on the occasion of their first respective belt defense, expectations are high and the stakes are enough to make the bravest tremble.

Plata became champion in March when she traveled to Panama to wrest the WBA title from Argentine Yesica Bopp. Clavel became champion just two months ago.

Make way for the Blue Dream

After being inspired by the Ferrari team for its last fight, Clavel and his trainer Danielle Bouchard are now attacking the Blue Dream. The new theme was born from the name of a training bra that Bouchard gave to the 32-year-old boxer.

Training camp is already underway. The entire clan will head to the Dominican Republic from October 2 to 16. There, Clavel will find an atmosphere that has become familiar, the sand of a beach that pushes her towards better physical condition and her new best friend: a sandbag!

I really liked this bag last April. It is at the right height, it is neither too hard nor too soft. I like how its weight is distributed downwards. I love kicking in this bagshe admitted.

Danielle Bouchard thinks that Plata will offer a high quality opposition, very different from what Yesenia Gomez brought to the Casino de Montreal.

Plata works less in volume. She boxes smart. She has a good jab and knows how to go for good body attacks. She displays the aggressiveness of Mexican boxers, but she also knows how to take a step back when it doesn’t work to her liking. She will force Kim to think. Plata doesn’t have many knockouts, but she always finds a way to winBouchard said.

Opponents to come

Marie-Pier Houle (7-0-1, 2 KOs), Derek Pomerleau (3-0, 2 KOs) and Caroline Veyre (1-0) will also see action on December 1 . The identity of the opponents as well as the names of the pugilists who will bear the brunt of the semi-final will be known at the beginning of next week.

In the case of Houle, she will deliver a first fight of eight rounds. Yvon Michel hinted that it will be a high-level duel and that a victory should allow him to climb into the top 5 in the world at 147 lbs.

Although the excitement could be read in her eyes and she bit her lip not to say more, Houle is obviously preparing for something major for the rest of her career.

Yvon Michel surrounded by Derek Pomerleau, Marie-Pier Houle, Kim Clavel and Caroline Veyre, all in action on December 1

Photo: Radio-Canada / Étienne Bruyère

Moreover, nothing new for the moment regarding the IBF super-welterweight champion, Marie-Eve Dicaire.

While we can apparently expect an announcement for a date in early 2023, Yvon Michel says he has not been contacted by a certain rival organization about the possibility of a fight against Ontario’s Mary Spencer. If it had been, we would have listened, that’s for surehe blurted out.

As for Oscar Rivas, the goal of making his first defense in Colombia apparently still stands. The target date is now October 29 in Barranquilla and no longer in Cali.

Boxing-football combos

Finally, Yvon Michel took the opportunity to announce the birth of a commercial partnership with the Montreal Alouettes.

Together with Alouettes President Mario Cecchini, the promoter has announced the sale of packages that will allow fans to purchase tickets for both the December 1 gala and the last game of the Alouettes season, October 22 against the Toronto Argonauts at Percival-Molson Stadium.

For the moment, Place Bell is configured to accommodate 5,000 spectators, but the capacity could be increased if demand requires it.

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