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Léo Guilbert succeeds Thibaut Siméon

34 years old, Leo Guilbert immersed in the mountain environment for several years now, whether professionally or personally. Originally from Grenoble (Isère) and living in the Chartreuse massif, alpine or Nordic skiing, and outdoor activities are part of his daily life. He has just taken over the management of the association. Nordic France.

Graduated with a Master’s in Management of Sports Organizations, he previously worked as a development manager at the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes League of University Sport between 2013 and 2019, then as a journalist at the professional magazine Mountain Leaders between 2020 and 2022.

On March 29, he joined Nordic France as regional support project manager to support Nordic projects in the winning territories of the plan Future Mountains Engineering. Today, he takes the helm of Nordic France for his first management experience. “I did not expect to find myself director of Nordic France when I was hired last March as project manager. I would like to thank the President Marine Michel for the trust given and Thibaut Simeon for the transition assured marvelously. And to add: “I now have the difficult task of carrying the roadmap of our association to lead the Nordic sector, to sustain and strengthen it in order to successfully transition our activities in a context of climate change and new societal expectations. We must capitalize on the current momentum, strengthen our links with our partners in the mountain ecosystem to have a real long-term vision, around tourist activities that are more sustainable, more inclusive and more in tune with the environmental issues that concern us. all.”

National structure, created by the Mountain Law of 1985, Nordic France brings together, through departmental, interdepartmental, regional or mountain associations, the sites that manage Nordic activities and collect the “Nordic activities” fee. With more than 160 member sites, it is the only national player bringing together the managers of Nordic sites from all of the French massifs.

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The Nordic sector is essential for the life of mountain territories and valleys since one euro of fees generates an average of 14.8 euros in economic benefits (direct, indirect and induced). Over the past five years, the average annual figure recorded by Nordic sites is more than €13 million in fees (€15.3 million for winter 2021-2022).

After a study on the economic models of the Nordic sector carried out in 2019 and 2021, Nordic France supports the strategic evolution of the sector to move from a snow guarantee to an activity guarantee and thus meet the challenges of the transition and the expectations of different types of customers.

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