Louise Deschâtelets can’t take any more of Air Canada

Here is what said Louise Deschatelets to TVA Nouvelles about this misadventure:

I have never witnessed such a situation. The service, language and tone used by the two Air Canada attendants were appalling. I wept in front of them; that tells you everything. […] We had our tickets in hand. They had been paid. But for some reason, our names weren’t in their system. Instead of trying to fix things, the attendants simply denied us boarding claiming that we must have been victims of fraud and that the plane was full anyway. […] It doesn’t make sense such a price for shitty service. Air Canada takes advantage of the world. »

You can read the full interview on the publication’s website.

As for the exorbitant price mentioned by the actress, it is the amount that each of the four actresses had to pay to buy a new ticket: $948.69.

Louise Deschatelets and his colleagues were finally able to return to Montreal 10 hours later.


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