Meta clones Discord’s community chats

Meta announced, this Tuesday, September 13, a new discussion space. Like Discord, large Messenger groups and Facebook groups will be able to create categories, including audio and video channels for real-time chats, between admins, and for scheduled events.

Meta multiplies the means of discussion

Meta has introduced, in a blog post, a new way to interconnect them 3 billion Facebook users and the 1 billion people on Messenger. Meta’s goal is to extend discussions outside the social circle of users. Moderation will be managed automatically by group administrators. Managers will be able to create banned word lists to prevent abusemute, suspend people, and create discussions between administrators to organize moderation.

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Community building in Facebook

This is what creating Communities will look like in Messenger. Image: Meta

A simple copy of the Discord servers?

Do these new features evoke an air of déjà vu? The Discord software has been offering them for a few years with its customizable servers. On the messaging application, it is possible to join private servers with friends to exchange on text, voice and video spaces.

You can also join large servers of public figures such as youtubers to exchange with the community. The resemblance to Meta’s community chats is obvious, as the moderation tools are the same that have been implemented in Discord over the past few months. The application is still ahead with its partners, in particular Microsoftwhich allows it to be implemented in Xbox game consoles.

Facebook community chats

This is what community chats will look like in Facebook. Images: Meta

This functionality of community chats evokes the beginning of Facebook where each subject had its community. According to their passions and affinities, the users have all been subscribed to many different pages and groups. Meta could try to regain this spirit so that users stay longer in order to bring them to the paid options as Discord offers with its Nitro formula.

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