Meta Connect will take the form of a virtual event this year

It is confirmed, the Meta Connect 2022 conference will take place during the day of October 11, and will take the form of a virtual event. As every year, it is expected that the company of mark zuckerberg announces lots of new things.

The Connect conference started in 2014. Since then, it’s been held every year as the biggest event for Oculus, Facebook, and then Apple. Meta. It allows the company to unveil its next steps in augmented reality and virtual reality. It uses it in particular to announce its new products.

The conference also gives various developers the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics of its platforms when they create content for them. This year, Meta has every interest in making some very enticing announcements.

Competition is indeed becoming increasingly tough in the world of AR and VR. Various new AR and VR devices are on the horizon, among others. We can cite the Pico stand-alone headsetsthe PlayStation VR 2 and the apple mixed reality headsets.

Meta Connect: what can we expect from the 2022 edition of the famous conference?

For the moment, we still don’t really have an idea of ​​what Meta will announce during the Meta Connect 2022 conference. Nevertheless, a new site is currently teasing the event with a countdown. It also gives information and details about the expected participants.

Meta technical director John Carmack has confirmed that he will give his unscripted speech. in virtual reality This year. Either way, it’s likely that Meta will take the opportunity to reveal its upcoming standalone headset codenamed Cambria Project.

After all, Zuckerberg said a few days ago that the company was counting release its next VR headset in October next. He has also already teased new updates to his avatars. The same is true for its Horizon Worlds platform. These updates promise to be significant given that the company’s new VR headset is packed with sensors and new features.

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