Meta invites rugby fans to experience the great thrill thanks to VR and AR on the stages of the France 2023 Rugby Tour

  • From July 21 to November 12, 2022, we are taking part in the France 2023 Rugby Tour aboard an exhibition train that will travel around France in the company of the Webb Ellis Trophy, to offer rugby fans a glimpse of the metaverse and its promises in the field of sports.
  • On the train, fan duos will be able to experience a unique moment in virtual reality by creating their personalized avatars before finding themselves immersed in the middle of a rugby stadium, alongside the XV of France, at the galvanizing moment of the Marseillaise.
  • In the Rugby Villages of the Host Cities, fans will be able to discover the first dressing room in augmented reality and try on different fan costumes via filters on Instagram.

On July 21, our Meta teams, Official Supplier, boarded the Rugby World Cup France 2023 train, inaugurated at Lille Flandres station, before starting its 100-day and 51-stage journey across France.

Intended for everyone, this four-car train will bring a taste of the Rugby World Cup France 2023 to life in French stations between immersive experiences, discovery of qualified teams and history of rugby.

During the four months of the tour, we invest the first wagon of the exhibition train as well as a space in 9 host cities of the competition, to offer rugby fans a glimpse of the metaverse and its promises in the field of sport, in particular thanks to two immersive experiences that make the metaverse tangible, relevant and exciting today.

Your passion takes on a new dimension thanks to VR and AR

On the train, fans will be able to live a virtual reality experience via a Meta Quest helmet, allowing a duo of users to dive into the center of a rugby stadium, surrounded by the avatars of the players of the French team, at the moment of the Marseillaise – a moment of unity experienced intensely by the fans inside and outside the stadium.

Before taking part in the experience, we invite users to create their avatar on interactive terminals at the entrance to the train, choosing from a variety of personalization traits (hair, skin, eyes, etc.) as well as rugby accessories.

In parallel with the stations, the France 2023 Rugby Tour continues in town thanks to 9 Rugby Villages installed in 9 host sites of the Rugby World Cup 2023. We welcome fans there in an augmented reality changing room, at the both physical and virtual, to make them discover via AR filters on Instagram a variety of funny disguises according to this widespread practice in rugby.

The Rugby World Cup, an open window on the metaverse

Whether you are a spectator or a player on the field, the best way to experience a sport is always with others. This extraordinary ability of sport to bring people together and form communities across borders resonates deeply with our mission at Meta. For this reason, Meta becomes a sponsor of the Rugby World Cup for the first time, to allow millions of fans to share their passion together on social networks and experience the thrill of the immersive power of new technologies.

Rugby World Cup 2023 is in this sense an important step towards our goal of imagining the next big revolution in social technologies that will transform the way people experience sport together. Although the metaverse is not here yet, at Meta we are convinced of its potential to bring fans closer to the field and to each other to share strong moments together, and this beyond constraints such as distance, when they are not not meeting in person.

Watching a game in the metaverse from your couch at home, collecting your favorite player’s NFTs or customizing your avatar with digital creations from your fetish sports brand… The possibilities are endless and exciting, and industry players of sport are well on their way alongside us on the way to the metaverse.

In the meantime, we will be delighted to welcome you to one of the 51 stages of the France 2023 Rugby Tour to give you a taste of this not-so-distant future.

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