Meta launches a series of additional tools on Facebook and Instagram

As part of the development of metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg announced the availability of new tools intended to optimize the content strategy on Facebook and Instagram. Content creators can now count on a panel of additional monetization tools.


After having announced Feed changes on Instagram and Facebook, to leave more room for Reels, the group has just announced new sources of income for influencers. Here are the new features announced:

No charges

It’s official, creators won’t have to share revenue with Meta until 2024: the group postpones the deadline by one year: We are extending our commitment to not levy fees on subscriptions, badges, paid online events and the newsletter until January 1, 2024.”

Creators Marketplace

Among the devices deployed, the company mentioned the Creator Marketplace on Instagram. Meta wants to offer influencers and brands a privileged space for everyone to meet. This tool also serves as a showcase, through which designers and brands can get paid or share partnership opportunities.


At the same time, Meta is expanding its test so that more creators around the world can display their NFT on Instagram. This feature will also be soon to be deployed on Facebook. Meta sees NFTs as a feature of the future. Meta will test too NFTs in Instagram Stories with Spark AR.

Reel Play Bonuses

Meta has also extended the Reels Play Bonus monetization program to Facebook users. Eligible content creators will be able post their Instagram Reels on Facebook and monetize them.

Multi-platform subscriptions

Meta also offers its users charge for a type of content. Users, after having paid, will be able for example access a private Facebook group. “We allow creators to give their paid subscribers on other platforms access to subscriber-only Facebook groups,” says Mark Zuckerberg.

facebook stars

Finally, Meta has developed a virtual currencyas can be found on TikTok Or on Twitch. Users can buy these stars and send them to their favorite content creators. This feature allows creators to be paid on Facebook Live, on demand videos and soon on Facebook Reels i.e. $0.01 for a Star sent. Meta extends this option to all eligible creators.

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