Meta opens access to its Horizon Worlds platform

Mark Zuckerberg’s group officially puts a first foot in the world of the metaverse. As of Thursday, December 9, people aged 18 and over, living in the United States and Canada, have access to Horizon Worlds. A virtual reality platform which requires the creation of a Facebook account and which allows meet up to 20 people in a virtual world.

Horizon Worlds: the first version of the metaverse of Meta

“Horizon Worlds is a social virtual reality experience where you can create and explore together” according to the official Meta press release. More than two years after starting to talk about this platform and a rebranding later, Meta finally opens access to what looks like an early version of his metaverse vision. During these two years of design, Horizon Worlds has evolved from a Minecraft-like environment for creating games to a much more social platform.

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For two years, thousands of beta testers have had the opportunity to regularly organize shows, parties, cinema sessions or even meditation workshops within Horizon Worlds. “After all this work, we can now officially open and say that we have some interesting things to present to our community”says Vivek Sharma, VP at Meta, in charge of Horizon Worlds.

Users can write their own rules

Within this virtual space, you can participate in contests and even play Arena Clash, a Battle Royale-style shooter. Horizon Worlds allows its players write code to define their own rules. For example, you can decide to make a ball bounce when it hits a surface. The idea is to allow users to be completely free to create and write their rules to create complex interactions.

This is also one of the greatest prides of Vivek Sharma, who specifies that: “this particularity of our virtual space is in fact one of the greatest innovations, of which I am very proud”. Meta plans to release a free library with different codes to enable different uses of Horizon Worlds. An object library is also provided. For now, the coding is done entirely in virtual reality, but Meta plans to allow extension from a desktop computer.

Security must be at the heart of the platform

There is a subject that Meta teams must not miss: security. Indeed, in a virtual space like this, you can easily interact with someone you don’t know. A few days ago, a beta tester told how his avatar was groped by a stranger : “Sexual harassment is a reality in real life, as well as in the virtual world. It’s even more complicated to manage in virtual reality. Not only did my avatar get groped, but there were also other people present who were supportive of this behavior”.

According to Vivek Sharma, the beta tester “has not used the security features built into Horizon Worlds, including the ability to block someone from interacting with you. This is good feedback for us, as I want this feature to be very easy to access”.

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