Meta promises -12% on the conversion cost of advertising campaigns

Meta launches Advantage+, a new ad targeting automation tool to increase sales. Shopping Advantage+ campaigns are powered by artificial intelligence and aim to help advertisers automate the creation of their advertising campaigns and optimize their advertising spend.

Detect the best performing campaigns faster

Meta announces that Advantage+ will enable advertisers to detect campaigns faster and smarter that drive the best performance by eliminating manual steps in ad creation and automating up to 150 creative combinations.

This solution should be used to reduce the cost per conversion, ie per purchase, by 12% compared to traditional advertisers’ ads. Advantage+ should enable advertisers to deliver more relevant campaigns as 52% of consumers want to find brands and products they don’t know but that match their shopping preferences, according to Meta.

Save time and consume less time

VSEs and SMEs should also be able to rely on the Advantage+ creative and Advantage+ audience tools to save time while using less budget to determine which advertising performs best. Advantage+ creative as well as Advantage+ App Campaigns will benefit from several updates to improve the experience of advertisers on the Meta platforms.

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