Preparing for an almost “normal” return to school

The health situation has calmed down. The province, like the school authorities, has not announced any new measures likely to require significant adjustments.

As in the past, in this period, our family meetings are an opportunity to take stock of things to do.

We consulted, on the Internet, the lists of school items requested for each of the children.

We also shop to add what’s missing, hoping inflation won’t have too big of an effect on our bills.

The other logistical aspects, such as school transport, have already been arranged with the schools in June.

Everything, in short, is less stressful, I find. That said, the more time passes, the more the need to gradually abandon our holiday habits returns.

Sleeps and late rises are part of it. Even without having traveled outside our city, leisure activities, television or online games still prolong our evenings.

I would like us to taste these holidays, finally normal, until the end, but it will be more and more necessary to show moderation to bring back the discipline of school activities.

This discipline will also, I think, be an asset for reconnecting with a more active participation in school activities, as a parent.

During the pandemic, meetings were often held online and my visits to schools were rather infrequent. They resumed timidly in the last months of the last school year.

I expect more opportunities to enter schools and meet teachers in person.

These opportunities seem all the more desirable to me since our children, in certain levels, are beginning this year to experiment with the province’s new school program.

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