Russians leaving their country will not get a Czech visa –

Russians who leave their country for fear of being mobilized do not qualify for a humanitarian visa in the Czech Republic. This was stated on Thursday (September 22) by Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský.

This statement, taken up by the Czech press agency, follows the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin of a partial mobilization in Russia, which led to an increase in departures from the country.

The Czech Republic was the first European Union member state to ban tourist visas for Russians after the war began in February, and the humanitarian visa is the only type of visa still available for exceptional cases. People who fight against the Kremlin regime or human rights activists can particularly benefit from it.

On Thursday, the European Commission said it would be up to each member state to decide whether or not to accept people from Russia into its territory.

Unlike the Czech Republic, Germany will welcome Russians leaving their country, ministers confirmed on Thursday.

On the other hand, the Baltic States affirm that they will not grant asylum to Russians fleeing military mobilization.

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen said the mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin justified a tougher European policy on Russian visas. The Finnish border remains for the moment the only border of the Union partially open to the Russians.

“We should grant them asylum. Safe for them and for us. And subject to a clear statement condemning [Vladimir] Putin and the current Russian regime »said Vladimír Votápek, analyst in international relations, on Twitter.

“Personally, I am not in favor of the idea of ​​actively helping Russians to flee the country, but a Russian soldier who is a refugee is better than a Russian soldier on the front lines. Even the fact that there will be thousands of deserters is actually a real revolution”Czech MEP Michaela Šojdrová of the EPP told EURACTIV Czech Republic.

According to her, the families of the deserters will understand why their fathers are fleeing. “Russian citizens must understand who is [Vladimir] Putin and how far he has taken them. They themselves must rebel and clean up, restore freedom and democracy.”believes the MEP.

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