Sarah Michel, captain of the Bleues: “We forget Canada”

Sarah Michel, captain of the France team, beaten by Canada (45-59) : ” It’s hard. Yesterday [jeudi contre l’Australie] it was a great performance. We knew it could happen, we play big teams all the time. We really lacked skill, but they especially pushed us to take less good shots than yesterday. It’s important to stay in the competition, we know it can change at any time. We forget about Canada, and we learn from it: try to be more aggressive at the start and find other offensive solutions when we are pushed to our limits. We still have a lot of things to correct, but I liked that in the second half we got more aggressive. We make stops. We defend, we don’t let go completely. But in attack we do not conclude, we are not on the right spots. We rush. It’s frustrating because we don’t transform (the stops) into an attack. »

“We will have to learn from this match”

Jean-Aimé Toupane, coach of the Bleues

Jean-Aimé Toupane, coach of the France team : “We lacked movement in attack, the ball traveled less. We rushed a bit. When you rush and you fail, confidence goes down and it’s a gear. We were also impacted by the rebound, an area where you have to be really vigilant for the rest of the competition. Despite everything, they fought, they wet the shirt. tomorrow [samedi] we will try to see what went wrong. You have to try to play at two speeds: on the counter-attack and on the half-court. Against good teams you can’t find solutions in one pass. Good teams lead you to play in four-five-six passes maybe. They have to be made to work. We will have to learn from this match for the rest. »

Alexia Chartereau, interior of the France team: “By dint of seeing the shots not coming in, I think it let go in the head. It’s up to us to find better shots, to make more play. We were a little too static, we looked at each other a little bit against each other, and when success isn’t there, is more complicated. The moments when we moved in attack, we managed to find the player we wanted, in the spot we wanted and we put her in. It’s up to us to find those shots, because we’re still doing the work on defense tonight… Letting Canada have 59 points is quite a good performance. »


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