several arsonists arrested throughout France


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E.Pelletier, N.Perez, T.Souman, P.Vaireaux E.Rivallain, C.Rongère, L.Brocard, E.Boutin, J.Cohen-Olivieri – France 2

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Within days, three suspected arsonists were arrested. Among them, former firefighters, including a thirties who could be the cause of several fires in Isère. All summer, fires broke out all over France, with origins that were not always accidental.

Fires declared in the Jura, in Limousin and in the Alps, near Grenoble (Isere)have one thing in common: they have a criminal background. Within days, three suspected arsonists were arrested. A man, arrested Wednesday, August 24, is tried Thursday at the court of Lons-le-Saunier (Jura). He is a 27-year-old former volunteer firefighter. He is suspected of being the cause of the 230 hectares that went up in smoke near the lake of Vouglans August 10.

In Grenoble, another firefighter voluntary 35-year-old is in jail on Thursday. He is suspected of having started several fires in the town of Vif (Isere). He denies the facts. On Wednesday August 24, a retiree was indicted in Haute-Vienne. Justice suspects her of having started numerous fires. Since the beginning of the summer, 34 arsonists have been arrested according to the Ministry of the Interior. On Wednesday, four fires started simultaneously in the Dordogne, near Menesplet. Thursday, the gendarmes are looking for an arsonist.

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