she denounces the inconsistencies of the prefectures

The obstacle course of foreigners in France never ends. While the country is fighting against illegal immigration, its administration, in the absence of residence permits issued on time, is pushing thousands of foreigners into an irregular situation.

Immigration is one of the subjects that convokes public opinion. Right and Left, in France, make this issue a real hobbyhorse during election campaigns.

Residence permit in France: still long delays

A new problem has appeared since the start of the health crisis: the difficulty of obtaining an appointment at the prefecture to apply for or renew your residence permit.

The precious paper is not easily delivered in France. To pull it off, the foreign resident, especially if he comes from the Maghreb or sub-Saharan Africa, must endure administrative inconsistency.

On her Facebook page, a teacher, based in France, denounces “a great nonsense”.

She explains that foreigners seeking a residence permit must content themselves with a receipt. The problem, she underlines, is that “the deadlines for issuing residence permits are not respected, in particular at the Prefecture of Paris”.

The consequence of this delay, adds the teacher, is that foreigners, without a residence permit and with an expired receipt, find themselves in an “irregular situation, which can cost them their job”.

Residence permit in France: an “incoherent” administration

According to this Internet user, the foreigner who finds himself with an expired receipt has no solution to accelerate the renewal of his residence permit and thus save his job and his career. She deplores in particular the fact that “the emails remain unanswered and as for the 3430 telephone service remains unreachable”.

The teacher wonders about the coherence of the French policy concerning residence permits. “On the one hand, France complains about irregular immigration, major crime linked to immigration. On the other hand, our administration does not play the game with the people who are already integrated and who work”, she exclaims.

It should be noted that the obligation to go through the dematerialized procedure introduced by the prefectures has been challenged before the administrative courts. However, the problem continues to be relevant.

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