Sixty Meta employees randomly fired by an algorithm

Like the impression of having fallen into a dystopia. This is roughly the feeling that the sixty employees of Meta, Facebook’s parent company, must have had when they learned of their dismissal during a videoconference on Tuesday August 16, by a manager they did not even know. The employees concerned by this decision worked for the consulting firm Accenture, in contract with the firm Meta, reports Vanity Fair. During this remote conference, one of the employees inquired about the reasons for these dismissals, to which he was told that the unlucky ones had been chosen randomly by an algorithm. No logic or tangible justification for this sanction, therefore, if not the law of chance. This news comes a few days after Apple announced a wave of restrictions, and proceeded to the layoff of a hundred recruiters in human resources.

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After two years of health crisis and confinements, the backlash of the pandemic – which had been favorable to the growth of digital companies – is being felt, analyzes an article from Le Figaro. In the midst of an economic collapse, and with the approach of a recession perceived as catastrophic, the GAFAs are stepping up cost reductions. Already in June, Mark Zuckerberg (…)

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