South Africa wants its special “digital nomads” visa

A complete overhaul of work visa rules is underway in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa has just announced. “This review explores the possibility of new visa categories specific to supporting fostering the economy, including a start-up visa and a remote working visa,” precise Business Insider.

This latest visa should allow foreign professionals to live in South Africa for a year while working for a foreign company. The current rules allow them to enter the country, but for a maximum stay of ninety days, and they also come with various restrictions.

James Vos, a member of the Mayor’s team of Cape Town, has been advocating since the start of the pandemic for the creation of a residence permit designed on the model of the Premium visa in force in Mauritius which extends the duration Authorized stay beyond three months “because remote workers tend to stay more than three months in their chosen country”.

An incentive to stay longer

According Business Insider, the new remote work visa is expected to be available online through the eVisa program recently rolled out in fourteen countries by South Africa. “The applicant will have to provide proof that he has a job abroad and that he has sufficient income from his salaried employment or his own registered business abroad.” To make the offer more attractive, dependents of the applicant should be allowed to accompany the applicant.

“I already submitted this proposal to the National Department of Home Affairs last year and in the next few days I will come back with suggestions for next steps, confirmed James Vos. South Africa has long been a global tourist hotspot. By giving ourselves the means to allow the people we welcome to continue working during their stay, we will encourage them to stay longer with us.”

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