Meta partners with Salesforce for Whatsapp

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP 09/21/2022 – by EG Meta has announced a major partnership with customer relations specialist Salesforce, notably for its Whatsapp messaging application. It can now be further integrated into Salesforce tools. Client brands of the customer relationship platform will thus be able to chat with their consumers via Whatsapp, create “messaging experiences” and integrate … Read more

PICO: a new VR headset announced next Thursday, 1 million views for the teaser, Meta not serene?

The virtual reality market in the West is currently dominated by far by Meta and his helmet VRthe Quest 2. In China and the surroundings of this great country, the situation is not the same given that Facebookand so Metais not welcome. On this side of the world, it is therefore PICO that stands out … Read more

Meta and metaverse: Horizon’s vice-president resigns

For a year, Vivek Sharma had served as Vice President of Horizon at Meta. Prior to this position, he was Vice President of Facebook Gaming and also served as Marketplace Manager (marketplace for e-commerce). Vivek Sharma has just resigned from Meta. He left Mark Zuckerberg’s group where he spent nearly six years. As Vice President … Read more

Meta presents community chats!

Meta announced that it had started testing its new community chat feature on Messenger and Facebook. Facebook wants to help its users connect better with each other and reach more like-minded people with this new community chat feature. According to Meta’s post, the company will start allowing users to test community chats in Messenger. This … Read more

Meta launches the “Creators of Tomorrow” program

SOCIAL NETWORKS 09/07/2022 Meta unveils ‘Creators of Tomorrow’, a European campaign showcasing emerging talent from 15 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa who are inspiring a new movement of creative content online. Among these European talents, 10 French people have done well, whether for their creative use of Reels, for the values ​​they … Read more