Are there 2 million fewer smokers in France since the sharp rise in tobacco prices?

To affirm that the country has 2 million fewer smokers, the Minister of Health dates back to 2017, according to his cabinet. In the context of the vote on the 2023 budget and the social security financing bill (PLFSS), the government communicated in particular on “the indexation of taxation to the evolution of prices” tobacco. … Read more

Tobacco prices: is France already the European country that taxes cigarettes the most?

The Tax foundation, a Swiss NGO specializing in the analysis of tax policies, has looked into the issue of tobacco taxation across Europe. Thanks to data retrieved from the European Commission, she managed to draw up a ranking of the countries where the levels of taxation are the highest. If France is on the podium, … Read more

Tiger mosquito: why dengue fever cases are increasing in France

The problem is that the tiger mosquito is a potential vector for dengue fever, an infectious disease that is transmitted from person to person through the bite of one of these infected mosquitoes. And this virus, which circulates regularly in the French departments of the Antilles, as well as in the French islands of the … Read more

Dengue fever: a second autochthonous case detected in metropolitan France

The victim of this infectious disease, transmitted by the bite of a tiger mosquito, is now cured, the Regional Health Agency said in a statement. The presence of tiger mosquitoes has already been recorded in nearly 67 departments, but it is relatively rare for cases of autochthonous dengue fever to be declared in mainland France. … Read more