Visa: a French senator challenges his government on the “great difficulties” encountered by Moroccans

In letters to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, Mr. Cambon, also president of the France-Morocco interparliamentary friendship group in the Senate, affirms that he has been seized, in recent weeks, like many of his fellow senators, of several case of refusal to issue visas for Moroccan nationals wishing to travel to France. … Read more

Appointment scams for Schengen visas issued by Italy: instructions

In Morocco, the difficulty of obtaining an appointment to file a Schengen visa application with Italy is inflaming public opinion. Depositors face an ordeal: that of being able to find a free slot. Intermediaries offer it illegally and at exorbitant prices. The subject of Schengen visas is always at the heart of debates in Morocco. … Read more

In Poland and the Baltic countries, the end of tourist visas granted to Russians

► On what grounds do the four countries prohibit tourist visas for Russian nationals? The agreement was sealed in a coordinated manner between Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Since Monday, September 19, the four countries have temporarily decided to no longer issue tourist visas to Russians, “in order to counter immediate threats to public order … Read more

Visa launches financial management training for Vietnamese students

Visa, a global leader in e-payment technology, has cooperated with the University of Economics (Hanoi National University) to launch a cooperation program aimed at enhancing financial management skills for Vietnamese students. >> Awarding scholarships to Cambodian students >> Study in France: a project considered by many Vietnamese students >> Vietnamese students in the United States … Read more

Visas: making appointments for family reunification suspended by the Italian consulate

By Hajar Kharroubi on 09/12/2022 at 11:34 a.m. (updated on 09/12/2022 at 11:36 a.m.) © Copyright: DR The Italian consulate has just announced that it will not be possible to make an appointment, for the next two weeks, at the TLS Contact center in Casablanca to obtain a Schengen family reunification visa. Here are the … Read more

Iraqis no longer need a visa to enter Lebanon

The Lebanese government on Saturday approved a request from the Iraqi Interior Ministry to exempt Iraqi nationals from the requirement to obtain a visa in advance to enter Lebanon, reports the Iraqi news agency INA, noting that this decision aims to strengthen cooperation between the two countries. A free entry and residence visa for a … Read more

Visa refusal: In video, the Kabareh Cheikhats respond with sarcasm to the French consular services in Morocco

After seeing their visa application rejected by the French consular services in Morocco, when they were supposed to perform on the stage of a festival in Montpellier, the members of the Moroccan troupe Kabareh Cheikhats concocted a video to denounce the grotesqueness of this situation. Businessmen, students, members of the same family, artists… in Morocco, … Read more

Finland will drastically reduce the number of Russian tourist visas

Finland will limit the number of visas issued to Russian tourists to 10% of the current volume from September 1, due to growing discontent in the country over the war in Ukraine, the Finnish government announced on Tuesday (August 16th). “Tourist visas will not stop completely, but their number will decrease significantlyFinnish Foreign Minister Pekka … Read more

Visa for the image. Sameer Al-Doumy on the roads of death

Frail silhouettes on the horizon emerge above the English Channel. This is one of thirty photos by Sameer Al-Doumy exhibited in Perpignan. The photographer of theAFP has, for two years, followed the daily life of migrants settled in makeshift camps around Calais, awaiting a hypothetical crossing to England. As a result, a series of images … Read more

Visa refusal for France: an outright scam, according to Bouazza Kharrati

In this interview with Le360, the president of the Moroccan Federation of Consumer Rights, Bouazza Kharrati, talks about the reasons that led him recently to ask the French Embassy to reimburse the costs of visas refused without valid reason. You sent a letter to the French ambassador to Morocco to request the reimbursement of visa … Read more