The biases: “The Royal regret of France”, “Not all English people are royalists”, “Liz Truss, 48 ​​hours to save the economy” and “Windsor, a family like the others”

Frédéric Farah, he was interested in the massive aid plan for households and businesses, unveiled Thursday by Liz Truss, which plans to freeze the energy bills of British homes for two years. “Will this plan be enough to save the British economy? Will it really prepare for the future?” asks the economist. And to continue, “I believe that there is indeed urgency … Maybe in the short term, he saves the British economy. In the long term, he questions”. As for N’Fanteh Minteh, she focused on the royal family. “Basically, it’s almost a normal family… A failing family, with its stories, its conflicts, its separations. We’ll see if King Charles will manage to maintain the unity of a very fragile clan”, a- she launched.


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