The Capitales de Québec stadium “needs love”

Stadium [Canac] going to be 85 years old… He sure needs lovehe summed up on Thursday when unveiling the results of the team’s last successful season.

The sports building is included in the five-year plan of the City of Quebec. Investments of $10 million are planned to refurbish part of the structure. By 2027, the five sections of bleachers, the reception and the warehouse should undergo a facelift.

There’s really a plan that is established. As a team, do we want a shorter deadline? Absolutelyexplains Michel Laplante.

The Canac stadium was built under Maurice Duplessis in 1938.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Piedboeuf

The Canac stadium has a solid structure and enjoys a quality location, but it shows signs of age. Its current layout, for example, allows only one food concession, which often creates long queues.

In this regard, the team is exploring avenues to improve the customer experience, particularly in terms of available parking spaces.

New stadium?

Can the Capitals dream of a new baseball stadium?

I think that’s part of what needs to be analyzed. But, once again, this decision cannot come from the capitals and say: “we want a new stadium for lots of reasons”. The place where we are, we love itexplains Michel Laplante.

Michel Laplante, president of the Capitals of Quebec.

Michel Laplante is the president of the Capitales de Québec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Daniel Coulombe

In any case, demolishing the Canac stadium to build a new building over it is out of the question. Such a process would force the team out of action for two to three years, he said.

Dream season

About 150,000 fans passed through the turnstiles at Canac Stadium this season. A record, and a balm after two years of pandemic, according to the team’s general manager, Charles Demers.

In addition to the team’s triumph in the individual season and in the playoffs, manager Patrick Scalabrini is delighted with the individual successes. Among the most notable: the feat of player Jeffry Parra, new record holder for the most home runs in the regular season with 32. Eclipsing the previous mark of 31 established by Eddie Lantigua, in 2005.

A lot of work awaits the organization over the next few months.

The team expects the roster to move a lot by the start of next season.

With information from Jean-Philippe Martin

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