“The Conservative Party of Canada is no more”, laments an activist

Lise des Greniers, president of the Electoral Association for the riding of Brossard-Saint-Lambert of the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC), resigns from her post and turns her back on her party, deploring the election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the CCP. She accuses the new leader of undermining the country’s democratic institutions, fueling discontent and endangering social peace.

“The Conservative Party of Canada has become the party of right-wing anarchists. [Pierre Poilievre] carries with it dissident groups and convinced extremists,” she said in a letter whose The duty obtained a copy, especially criticizing Pierre Poilievre’s support of Ottawa’s “Freedom Convoy”.

She opens her letter with an unequivocal statement: “The Conservative Party of Canada to which I belong […] is not anymore “.

Lise des Greniers was also a candidate for the PCC in the South Shore of Montreal in the past, as well as a member of the party’s board of directors. As of today, she is resigning from her position as president of the riding association, and is asking that her party membership card be withdrawn.

Without necessarily pointing the finger at specific policies proposed by the new leader, Ms. des Greniers insists on the fact that Pierre Poilievre supports a “narrative on anti-parliamentarianism and anti-intellectualism”. “Our Canadian and provincial values ​​specific to our culture, our moral principles, our behavioral benchmarks are compromised,” she says.

Remember that a few days after the landslide victory of Pierre Poilievre at the head of the CPC with 68% of the vote last Saturday, Alain Rayes, the member for Richmond-Arthabaska and Quebec leader of the party, also resigned. Mr. Rayes also denounced Pierre Poilievre’s support for the “Freedom Convoy”, and feared that he “threatens our democratic institutions”.

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