the difficult return of Algerians from France

Everyone expected it, but nobody did anything. As there was great pressure during the outward phase, it was foreseeable that the return of Algerians settled in France, by plane or by boat, would also be quite difficult.

This observation, Abdelouahab Yagoubi, deputy for emigration, made in a post he shared on his Facebook page. The representative of the Algerians of France deplored the fact that no one had thought of adding additional trips.

Travel Algeria – France: a difficult return

“It is not the impossible that despairs, but the possible not achieved”, notes the deputy who uses the quote from the writer robert Mallet to denounce the laxity of the authorities who have not reinforced the program of flights to France, despite the pressure felt at the start of the summer season.

The destination France, despite strong demand, was not affected by the latest update of international flights published at the beginning of this month of August by the Ministry of Transport. The crossings, for their part, remain amply insufficient to be able to guarantee the return in time of all the Algerians settled in France.

According to Yagoubi, “with the start of the new school year approaching, flights and crossings from Algeria to France are sold out”. He denounces in particular the laxity of the competent authorities: “what are the supervisory authorities waiting for to react?”, he wondered.

“We must offer additional trips”

According to the deputy, it is necessary to offer “additional trips and allow holidaymakers to return with dignity since they pay for a transport service”. It should be noted that many Algerians living in France are waiting to get their hands on a return ticket, especially as the start of the school year approaches.

“It was predictable”, finally loose the deputy who specifies that with “the approach of the start of the school year, the flights and the sea crossings in Algeria are full”. “Many are waiting,” he concludes.

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